• Very interesting and stimulating workshop. Excellent program!

    Bob Singh - Director (Service) – Otis
  • Very positive, fantastic workshop. Major Learnings: - Power of the mind - Believing and conceiving – Achieving - Setting vision, aims & goals - We choose our response - Life is A A A - Change what we can accept what we cannot

    Tan Li Lian – Product support Rep. - Caterpillar
  • I enjoyed the motivational frameworks given to help us cope with the work challenges, in the form of acronyms that help us to recall easily – SOFTEN, DRAFT etc.

    Kay Chua - Sr. Admin Executive - Spring
  • The participation and involvement in the discussions and feedback were enjoyable. Also the points given are practical and realistic.

    Stella Tan - Sales Manager - Twin Net
  • It has given me opportunity to relearn in many ways to enhance my way of communication. This will definitely help me enhance my effectiveness at work with the right attitude.

    Vivienne Tan - Personnel Officer - Austen Maritime Services
  • The course is extremely interesting and interactive. Totally enjoyed the yoga session as well as the valuable tips on time and stress management. Very relevant and applicable to our workplace.

    Nicole Phoo - Associate - Great Eastern Life
  • Very beneficial training course to help understand where wasted time can be turned into productive time to allow the time to be more effective, healthy, and less stressed. Highly valuable tools and ideas.

    Alexander Graf – Territory Sales Manager – Caterpillar
  • Nikhil is a great speaker. I believe the yoga techniques, setting goals and avoiding time- wasting sections will help me personally and professionally.

    Nikhil is a great speaker. I believe the yoga techniques, setting goals and avoiding time- wasting sections will help me personally and professionally.
  • Very interesting & well presented. A big thank you to Mr. Nikhil Desai the presenter!

    Dolly Ng - Sr. Admin Cum Secretary – DSTA
  • It is an interesting workshop. Many a time we know what we should do. But during or when faced with the situation, we may not have a clear mind to do the right thing. The techniques introduced will come in handy to overcome such situations.

    Patricia Auyeong - Sr. Director – NATAS
  • Great Workshop!

    Christma Teg - IT - Johnson & Johnson
  • This session has created awareness in how you can de-stress. The yoga practice was very helpful. It was an enriching experience. Laughter session was really exhilarating.

    Monica Ang - HR / Corporate Affairs Manager - Volume Interactions
  • Simple, flexible exercises for me to use and practice. Very useful and beneficial to me.

    Leong Wah Gee - Vice President HR - Merrill Lynch International Bank
  • It’s an excellent workshop with a good mix of presentation, participants’ involvement, interaction and exercises. Would certainly recommend this workshop to others.

    Chew Kim Whatt – Consultant
  • Very interesting. I have really benefited from this workshop. Thanks Nikhil for the interesting and enjoyable session. Well organized & well done.

    Patricia Fong - HR - Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • I feel great and excellent, I feel rejuvenated and also have more confidence and belief in myself. You are a great motivator & trainer. I have attended many training programs but I must rate this one of the best which I can benefit both in my professional & personal life.

    Fun Kum Seng – Assistant F & B Manager - Park Hotel

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