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We all agree that the human resource is the greatest asset of an organization. It is far more important than capital, material or machines. In today's competitive environment every company is looking for ways to enhance the quality of the human capital so as to improve their productivity and ultimately boost the company's bottom line. The aim is to have the foundation of TQP - Total Quality People.

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Our name... The Centre For Excellence... is our guarantee of Excellence!

We are committed to enhancing productivity through international quality training programs. The Centre For Excellence has 2000+ Corporate Clients in 300+ cities of 42 countries of the world.

The CExcellence Way

From the Board of Directors to Junior Officers, from Fortune 500 Companies to Small & Medium Enterprises, all participants and organizations find our workshops to be user-friendly, user-relevant & user-urgent.

One of the participants from Johnson & Johnson commented that our workshops are SAP.... Simple, Actionable & Practical.


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  • In Pursuit Of Excellence - Unleashing The Potential In You & Your Organization™

  • Achieving Excellence Thru Stress Management®

  • Achieving Excellence At Work

  • Advanced Kaizen

  • Advanced Presentation Skills

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