• A very powerful workshop which can lead me on a path of effectiveness and success. I am sure the fruits of this session will become habits and remain with me for a life time.

    Siddharth Rao – Asst Vice President - J. M. Morgan Stanley
  • An Excellent Program - A must for everybody.

    Vittal Kamat - Chairman & Managing Director - Kamat Hotels
  • I really enjoyed the workshop. It was participative. It gave various in insight into dimensions of customer care. Thank you so much Nikhil! As usual you were fabulous.

    Prachi Kelkar – Bhide – People Dev. Specialist – Ciba
  • This was a very good professional workshop. Content of the program was very precisely designed and hit the main focused points for personal and professional excellence.

    Haresh Savita - Manager HR - Aventis Cropscience
  • It was a wonderful experience of learning with fun. The faculty Mr. Desai is excellent in all the topics. His style was so good that it doesn’t allow your mind to wander. He is so focused and keeps the participants focused as well.

    Ramesh Patil - Executive - Ciba Speciality Chemicals
  • I have attended this session twice but not a single point of time I felt bored, as the session is so interesting and every time you are likely to learn many things. I would like to attend more of these sessions in the future. Mr. Desai is a very good trainer and orator.

    Anubha - HR Executive - Calyx Pharmaceuticals
  • The workshop was really worth attending. Especially, I realized many of my weaknesses regarding time, which is such a valuable thing in our life. I have decided to prioritize my work in office which will help me tremendously.

    Rupali Shevade - Executive Accounts - Thomas Cook
  • Mr. Nikhil Desai is a very interesting person. He conducted the workshop beautifully. I recommend that more and more people should attend his workshop. It will show them the right path and vision. The V.E.S.T. of Vision, Enthusiasm, Stress management & Trust in oneself that he gave us is the best gift.

    M. Mehta – Psychologist
  • Very Enlightening, Excellent program. Kudos to Nikhil Desai! He is fantastic!!

    Meghan Dere - Human Resource Officer - Hyatt Regency Hotel
  • Excellent Program which will help me to change the way I look at things! It will help me to understand and judge myself better and to take good decisions. It has also helped me to improvise on my attitude and aroused more self confidence. Overall I will be a better person than what I have been till date.

    Dhawal Mehta - Assistant Manager - DSP Merrill Lynch
  • The program was truly fabulous. The valuable insights given by Mr. Nikhil Desai will surely help each of us in achieving and improving our communication skills. I would like to thank him for being a wonderful faculty.

    Rishi Rawal - Director - Universal Starch
  • It was really amazing, in terms of conducting the course. Mr. Desai was wonderful. Learned a lot and strongly recommend others to join the same.

    Aman Dalal - Asst. Manager - Standard Chartered Bank
  • Excellent workshop! The points relating to the importance of time in all areas were very effectively imparted. Very, very useful seminar which one should not miss.

    P. Rajagopal - Manager Sales - Essential Power Transmission
  • I have attended numerous workshops but this one was very interesting as Mr. Nikhil Desai touched on all aspects of Time Management and the presentation was very good. Now, I have a clear idea as to how to manage my time effectively. I shall implement the same immediately.

    Sitalaksmi Vishwanath. - Executive Secretary - SMS Plastics Technology
  • It was an excellent program in terms of time management. Given real value for money. I wish to implement some key suggestions in my day to day life immediately.

    A. Kulkarni - Dy. Branch Manager - Machine Tools
  • Very participative. Lots of learning and sharing by all. Good points and techniques taught which is useful on the professional and personal front. Mr. Nikhil Desai, thank you very much. Keep up the good work!!!

    Averyl D'sa – AGM HR - USV
  • Topics covered in the session are very much relevant to me in my time management at the workplace and at home. It was really interactive. The faculty has good communicating and presentation skills as well as good subject knowledge.

    Gibson Lamos - Officer Production - Raychem RPG
  • It is a very important and excellent program to attend. If we practice some tips from this workshop it will help us tremendously in improving our performance.

    Vittal Raichurkar - Manager - Lechler
  • It was a fantastic workshop. The time which I have invested in it is going to give me benefits throughout my life.

    Anjana Khillan - Management Trainee - Thomas Cook
  • The program was excellent. Mr. Nikhil Desai conducted the program in an excellent manner. All points were discussed in details. I suggest that all the employees of the company should attend this type of program. I wish Mr. Desai and his team, "All The Best"!

    Rayomand Bhesania - Analyst - J. M. Morgan Stanley Fixed Income Securities
  • I feel the entire program was well structured and it was totally a pleasure going through the same. I have gained personally and are going to help my team to deal better with their complaints. Looking forward to participate in future programs.

    Brindha V - Vice President - IDBI Trusteeship Services Ltd
  • It was an excellent training program by Mr. Nikhil Desai. I believe I am more benefited than all three similar earlier programs by other trainers. Would like to have another similar session in a year’s time. I recommend all executives in the company to attend a similar training program.

    Kaushik Nandi - Sr. Manager – ITD Cementation
  • KCF had the privilege of organizing the Seminar on “Achieving Excellence through Time & Stress Management, by Keynote Speaker, Mr. Nikhil Desai which had an overwhelming response from our valuable members. It was very kind enough of Mr. Nikhil Desai, an International speaker, Motivator, Trainer & Director of Centre for Excellence to take great efforts to present before the audience how to overcome the stress and pressure in their daily routine and shared with them his wealth of experience in conducting such a programme. We are very thankful to Mr. Nikhil Desai for his keen interest & kind gesture.

    Dinesh Ghalla - Vice-President – Kutch Corporate Forum
  • Learning is immense and no words to describe the same. We would like to have more workshops like this so as to help us to achieve more in our professional career.

    Mathew Puthumana – Senior Performance Engineer – Nokia - India
  • My thoughts, feelings & learnings after the workshop:- Very interactive, informative & motivating session. We have understood the importance of team building & interpersonal skills. How listening plays a vital role in communication, types of leadership & how we can make our communication more effective. Learnt the ideas of different groups & different barriers to communication. All these things play an important role to achieve organizational goals.

    Gauri Joshi – V P Accounts & Taxation - Sainath Developers
  • The workshop on Stress Management by Mr. Nikhil Desai is exceptional & outstanding. It builds the character of the mind to manage all situations. A must for every organization to enhance their productivity, to be a better individual & able to perform still better & contribute to the welfare & growth of the institution. Superb out of this world “Never Before Never After

    Vinayak Yadery - Assistant Manager - Shamrao Vitthal Co-operative Bank
  • It was a very interesting and a thought provoking exercise on how to manage time & after the workshop it feels to me that even 24 hours is a sufficient to do wonders. It gives me a sense of understanding of importance of managing time for the personal & professional and in all walks of my life.I realized the importance of prioritization, delegation & above all how to manage time effectively & efficiently at last, & learned to start implementing the same at the earliest. I have developed a sense of realization on my areas of improvement & take remedial action

    Sudhindra – Deputy Manager – Exim Bank of India
  • A very interactive workshop. Not once I felt bored. There was continuous involvement of the members, which kept us on our toes. Nikhil Desai was excellent & very clear in his approach. Could learn a lot of things from him, which I shall carry in my day to day working life. I now feel more confident & motivated. I thank Mr. Desai for the same. The topics covered were very interesting and I gained a lot of knowledge.

    Jennifer Remedios - Asst. Manager - Novartis India
  • Mr. Nikhil Desai is an excellent presenter, motivator and orator. He enlivens the whole atmosphere in the workshop with his crisp and informative interactions. The personality development, presentation skills, yoga sessions will inculcate in all the participants useful insights to become better human beings at work and home. To be more aware of others feelings and get the best out of each interaction. Wishing Mr. Desai the very best in life, so that he can improve many more!

    Dilshad – Executive Secretary - Ciba Speciality Chemicals

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